Our Mission

We believe everyone – regardless of physical location – deserves access to quality care. By allowing surgeons to remotely train in real-time, we’re dissolving the physical barriers that restrict the adoption of modern medical devices and procedures.

Our Team

We’re a team of change-makers, developers, scientists, and innovators passionate about expanding the possibilities of healthcare.

Erik Maltais
CEO & Co-Founder
Jon Clagg
CTO & Co-Founder
Yul Vanek
Jim Breidenstein
Doug Bauer
VP Finance
Dan Thagard
VP Engineering
Rich Friedland, DPM
VP Education, Training & Research
Bilgi Akyuz
Shannon Bailey, PhD
Human Factors Scientist
Kunal Bansal
Hannah Beermann
Marketing Associate
Scot Bradford
Director of Information Technology
Stacey Boswell
Cody Brown
Unity Developer
Mike Burns, EdD
Data Scientist
Kelly Burrell
Customer Success Manager
Kerem Celebi
Guillaume Charmes
Principal Software Engineer
Brendan Ciccone
UI/UX Designer
Tyana Daley
Director of Marketing
Dallas Darling
Customer Success Associate
Janica Daryanani
Office Operations Associate
Sara Ganster
Automation & Optimization Analyst
Sierra Harlan
Executive Assistant
Arman Hossain
Asst. Controller
Nguyen Xuan Huong
Senior 3D Graphics Engineer
Casey Jeanite
Content Coordinator
Dalton Kadar
Unity Developer
Deo Kalule
Senior Software Engineer, Mobile
Eric Lashinsky
Tech Support Manager
Katie Lutz
VP of Sales
Arminas Maciulis
Customer Success Manager
Michel Marrache
Lead UI Developer
Bevin Metzger
Customer Success Manager
Qing Mirabella, PhD
Director of Supply Chain
Danelis Perez
Sales Ops Manager
Mykola Popko
Full Stack Developer
Jeff Roy
Director of Business Development
Matt Stone
Director of Installation
Adam Thomas
Director of Customer Success
Jesus Villa-Garcia
Multimedia Manager
Stacie Akinyi
Supply Chain Intern
Ronnie Shul
Marketing Intern
Mike Stone
Tech Writer Intern