How Does It Work?

Our platform gives remote surgeons:

Real-time conferencing capabilities

Interactive medical imaging feeds

Unobstructed views of the surgical field

We enable medical device companies and their healthcare partners to create scalable training programs

Increase Adoption

Boost the adoption of new medical devices and surgical techniques

Promote Access

Enhance access to higher-value medical technologies and devices

Expedite Sales Cycles

Eliminate the burdens associated with in-person surgical training

HIPAA Compliant

Maintain HIPAA compliance throughout our platform

Reduce Cancellations

Decrease training visit cancellation rates and increase surgeon participation

Improve Learning

Provide remote surgeons with an immersive, distraction free learning environment

Award Winning Startup

Immertec has won a variety of awards recognizing our technology’s innovation

Clinician Tested & Approved

See what surgeons are saying about our platform

Marc Dean, MD
Jahangir Asghar, MD
Mark Mighell, MD
Haru Okuda, MD
Hooman Melamed, MD

I believe all patients deserve access to state-of-the-art Healthcare. Immertec’s fully immersive, VR surgery platform restores personal connection that is missing from all other telehealth solutions, and I’m confident Immertec's virtual surgery training will not only change the nature of telehealth, but also revolutionize healthcare as a whole.

I am really excited to be working with the Immertec team to help create, and develop improved immersive live education experiences in the OR. Virtual learning and experiences will be an integral part of surgical education and development in the post COVID-19 environment.

Immertec changes the landscape of how we interact and discuss surgical techniques. Normally, physicians would have to fly in from other cities to observe a surgery, requiring hospital credentialing and travel logistics. With Immertec, I can speak to you in real-time, answer your questions, and still maintain my everyday practice workflow.

This technology is a game-changer for the future of medical and surgical education. Real-time virtual reality can help augment or even replace traditional training modalities for physicians and health care providers.

Immertec’s virtual surgery training platform can greatly reduce the inefficiencies we see with current surgical training methods. It enables greater collaboration among the surgical community and breaks through the physical barriers that inhibit the adoption of higher value medical devices and procedures. I’m confident it'll have a powerful impact on surgical training, and healthcare as a whole.

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