Real-Time Virtual Surgery Training

Allow surgeons to perform real-time surgical training events streamed live in virtual reality.

Medoptic™ Virtual Surgery Platform

Medoptic by the Numbers

How It Works

Register for live surgery events through the App

Your VR headset is delivered to view the procedure

A live, 3D VR feed is streamed from the operatory suite

Medoptic™ Virtual Surgery Platform

Collaborative controls:

Surgical Instructors

Medoptic has formed partnerships with top-tier surgeons throughout the US to provide real-time virtual surgical training events across a range of treatment areas.

Rapidly deploy scalable training programs with the Medoptic™ Virtual Surgery Training Platform

Promote Access

Enhance access to higher-value medical devices and procedures

Expedite Adoption

Shorten training cycles to push products to markets faster

Increase Utilization

Boost the adoption of new surgical techniques and devices

Reduce Cancellations

Invite, approve and manage attendees via the Medoptic platform

Improve Learning

Provide physician trainees with an immersive, distraction free learning environment

HIPAA Compliant

Maintain HIPAA compliance throughout the platform

Award Winning Start Up

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