Virtual Reality Trains Doctors and Nurses On the Front Lines

Immertec - Virtual Reality Trains Doctors and Nurses On the Front Lines
The future of coronavirus (COVID-19) remains unpredictable. To be prepared for any situation, the healthcare industry has shifted focus to one thing: learning to identify and treat the novel coronavirus.
Physicians, nurses and recent residents with limited to no experience in treating infectious diseases have risen to the occasion. Even retired physicians reentered the line of duty to help their community fight this global pandemic. They continue to learn new skills and helping to flatten the curve.
The healthcare field turned to virtual reality in its bid to quickly and effectively train medical staff. Also, it’s using virtual reality to diagnose patients and provide remote care to at-risk and infected patients. And in the past couple of weeks, training sessions in virtual reality have steadily increased.
Virtual reality has been the safest and most efficient way for these individuals to hit the ground running. 

How doctors and nurses are using virtual reality

Medical staff members learn vital skills in a safe, immersive environment, without worrying about the risk of catching or spreading disease. Live surgical training sessions allow physicians and nurses to be “inside” a COVID-19 patient’s room.
They can observe an attending physician treat the patient, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the virus, and treatment options. All the while, they are keeping a safe distance until they are ready to perform these tasks themselves. 
Hospitals have readily embraced telehealth, which they were primed to implement even before the pandemic hit. As such, it was easy to quickly adopt virtual reality training sessions for the treatment of COVID-19.
Currently, hospitals are utilizing VR tools to train their staff on a variety of new, coronavirus-specific demands. These virtual training sessions include:
  • How to properly put on and take off PPE
  • Understanding how to use a ventilator
  • Demonstrating new hospital-wide guidelines
  • Identifying COVID-19 symptoms for diagnostic purposes
Immertec is here to help hospitals make the switch to virtual training. Find out how Immertec can help streamline virtual reality training in your organization. Schedule your demo today!
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