Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare 

Immertec Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare 

Virtual reality (VR) continues to advance, introducing a variety of applications. In the healthcare industry, especially in medical training, VR continues to be increasingly useful. With ceaseless innovation and technological breakthroughs, VR continues to surprise patients, scientists, and doctors alike. The following are a few of the ways medical practitioners are utilizing VR in their training needs:

1. Viewing 3D images of scans and structures

VR allows students and physicians to view 3D models of scans and internal structures, granting a deeper understanding of how they work. Using virtual reality, students step into a 3D environment and get a closer look inside the body. They can view structures and possible afflictions from a new perspective.

2. Virtual Reality augments cadaver-based training

Cadaver-based labs are crucial in medical training but can be expensive to maintain. With virtual reality, medical schools can augment the cadaver dissection process. In addition, VR helps medical schools reduce costs without losing the knowledge gained from working on an actual human body. By adding simulations and real-time, immersive cadaver training sessions in VR, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy.

3. Surgical training

Medical device technology and surgical techniques are constantly evolving, placing a high demand on innovative ways to learn these new procedures. As a result, VR provides the perfect alternative to operating theaters, granting physicians and residents the ability to view live-streamed surgeries, conducted by expert surgeons.

Immertec specializes in  real-time training with virtual reality, pushing surgical innovation to the next level. For instance, using our virtual reality platform, residents in remote locations get transported into an operating room. Consequently, with a VR headset, they learn modern surgical procedures and collaborate with other residents and training surgeons in real-time. Above all, students gain essential experience from anywhere in the world. Contact the Immertec team to learn more about our process and platform.

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