Planning Complex Operations With Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality and 3D visualization technology isn’t brand new. However, the advances in technology have made simulated images much more realistic, allowing surgeons to visualize and map out complex surgical approaches before going into the operating room.

Complicated procedures can present unique challenges to surgeons in the operating room. With virtual reality, surgeons can walk through and practice surgeries beforehand, minimizing surprises that may arise, making the procedure safer for the patient. An example is the case of the successful separation of conjoined twins Paisleigh and Paislyn, wherein virtual reality played a crucial role. The thoraco-omphalopagus conjoined twins had their livers and hearts fused together, which makes the separation surgery a bit complicated. 

The surgical team met several times in the operating room for simulations of the operation. The team utilized 3D virtual reality imaging to visualize the conjoined twins’ hearts. With virtual reality technology, the surgeons were able to explore the twin’s anatomy, revealing an actual physical connection that bridged the two girls’ hearts and make an appropriate plan before beginning surgery. By using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, the team of surgeons was able to successfully separate the girls. 

Stanford neurosurgeons are also using virtual reality technology to visualize and map out complex surgical approaches before they go into the operating room. Neurosurgeons can understand their patients’ anatomy and simulate complex procedures in virtual reality before making an incision. Virtual reality allows surgeons to correlate the three-dimensional images with the real-time microscopic surgical view, giving much more detail than they would have otherwise.

Surgical training for healthcare organizations still relies on learning through observation. At Immertec, we focus on real-time training with virtual reality, helping surgeons improve care delivery and increase patient outcomes. We understand the importance of gaining experience and access to live training surgeries whenever necessary. 

Learn more about Immertec’s process and how we can implement VR training in your organization today. And contact us to get started.

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