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Marc Dean, MD
Marc Dean, MD
Specialty: ENT
Sub-specialty: Ear & Sinus
Ear & Sinus Institute
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Marc Dean, MD is a board certified otolaryngologist, practicing in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in Otorhinology with a focus on disorders of the Eustachian tube, and neurogenic rhinosinusitis. He attended Baylor University for his undergraduate studies in bioinformatics, attended Texas Tech for his medical training and completed his ENT residency and fellowship in Otorhinology at LSU-Shreveport. Dr. Dean now serves as a clinical associate professor at Texas Tech Health Science Center and has helped pioneer novel treatments for, both dilatory and patulous Eustachian tube dysfunction as well as nasal airway obstruction.

Dr. Dean founded the Vitruvio Institute of Medical Advancement (VIMA) a non-profit organization focusing on the integration of novel technologies into medical practice to develop new treatment paradigms and currently serves as chairman. Through VIMA he has had the opportunity to work with NASA to evaluate the feasibility in using a humanoid robot in surgical procedures and is currently exploring applications of augmented and virtual reality in the surgical environment, and is evaluating the role of navigation and nerve monitoring in the diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic rhinosinusitis.

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