How to Clean VR Headsets

How to Clean VR Headsets

Cleaning VR headsets regularly reduces infection risk, since it’s often in contact with the ear and nose. Immertec promotes and utilizes proper sanitation practices. In today’s current environment, it’s important to clean surfaces you touch often. The COVID-19 virus can linger on metal, glass and plastic surfaces for three days, according to The New England Journal of Medicine

Our mission has always been to decrease the risk of infection for the patients in the operating room. Increased OR foot traffic puts patients and medical professionals at a higher risk of infection. Our solution, transporting training surgeons into ORs via virtual reality, reduces foot traffic in the OR.

And as more individuals turn to virtual reality in lieu of in-person events, we must reinforce that people regularly disinfect their VR headsets. Headsets can become Petri dishes for harmful pathogens if not cared for properly. VR headsets need to be regularly disinfected just like door handles, cell phones, and countertops. 

At Immertec, we regularly decontaminate and clean our VR headsets, before sending them to physicians and surgical trainees. We use Cleanbox, which uses ultraviolet C light to decontaminate items, within one minute, with a 99.99% efficacy. 

And for our partners, physicians, and training organizations, we’ve created this guide to help you disinfect the headsets in your possession. 

Options for Disinfecting and Cleaning VR Headsets

  • Use non-abrasive antibacterial wipes: removes gunk, bacteria and viruses. It can kill harmful pathogens without damaging the headset itself. First, wipe your headset with a clean dry cloth. And, then clean the straps and facial interface form with the wipes. Please do not clean your headset with alcohol or abrasive cleaning solutions.
  • Use an ultraviolet light device like Cleanbox: ultraviolet light sanitizes the headset without damaging its integrity. 
  • Quarantine the headset: If you suspect someone with COVID-19 has come in contact with a headset, you can quarantine the headset. Isolating the headset for at least a week can help since studies show the virus can linger on items for 3-4 days.

Steps for Cleaning VR Headsets

Bacteria and other harmful pathogens aside, VR headsets are prone to getting gunked up with regular grime on a daily basis. From sweat and oils to dirt and detritus, gunk like this needs to be regularly washed. It is important not to use harsh abrasives such as alcohol or acetone as these can damage the headset. 

  • Take off removable parts: Remove what you can safely to access those hard-to-reach places where gunk can accumulate.
  • Use a lint-free cloth: To avoid scratching the lenses, use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any buildup of dust, makeup, sweat, oil, etc.

Virtual reality has become a way to keep individuals safe from the COVID-19 virus as we, as a nation, continue to flatten the curve. Please utilize safe sanitation practices, keeping yourself and your organization safe. 

Learn all about Immertec’s unique real-time virtual surgery training platform. Reach out to our Immertec team to learn more and get started.

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