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How does Immertec's technology actually work?

Our technology combines multiple video feeds into one 3-dimensional image, dewarps the image, compresses it, and remotely transmits to a virtual reality (VR) headset in under 200 milliseconds. This allows remote surgeons to observe, communicate and interact as if they were physically present.

Remote surgeons are also given access to customizable live medical imaging feeds from the operating room, such as an endoscope or computed tomography (CT) feed. This allows them to see the same feeds as the performing surgeon, and move and resize them anywhere within their 220-degree field of view.

Where exactly is the camera positioned in the operating room?

Immertec offers two types of installations. One semi-permanent installation and one mobile installation. In either case, the stereoscopic camera is set to eye level (66 inches from the ground) directly in front of the surgical procedure.

How long does it take to set up?

The initial installation is situational. To learn more, contact installation team. However, once the installation is done, the live feed takes less than two minutes to begin.

What devices are compatible with Immertec's software?

Immertec’s software is device agnostic. However, we recommend the use of Oculus Quest for the best experience on the platform.

What are the minimum requirements to use Immertec's software?

A VR headset with:
  1. Snapdragon 8352
  2. 4gb ram3
  3. Active Internet connection with 30 mbps download speed

How much does it cost?

Every location is unique and costs will vary. To get more information about pricing and availability, please reach out to our customer success team.

How many surgeons can observe at the same time?

For the best learning experience for surgical training, we limit each stream to support five remote surgeons. However, our technology can support many more users.

How many overlays can be seen during the live stream?

Our platform can display four medical imaging feeds as overlays.

With what manufacturers is Immertec's hardware compatible?

Our technology was built to integrate with and amplify the Operating Room (OR). We work with the video imaging from most medical device manufacturers. At the point of install our tech team integrates with all devices.

How long can a live stream last?

The headsets have a battery life of two to five hours. However, on average our events tend to last two to three hours.
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