Decontaminating Virtual Surgical Training Immersive Technologies

Immertec provides COVID-19 safety, decontaminating its virtual surgical training immersive technologies with Cleanbox VR tech

COVID-19 primarily spreads through respiratory droplets – saliva or nose discharge, produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Asymptomatic individuals can also spread the virus, despite not showing symptoms. Individuals can contract the virus when they touch an infected surface or object, and then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes afterward.

The CDC recommends that people maintain a social distance of 6-feet from other people and practice frequent hand-hygiene: washing their hands with soap or with hand sanitizers. The CDC also recommends routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

Electronic and technological devices, such as phones, can be particularly vulnerable to trapping contaminants. People handle portable devices often and regularly touch their face when handling phones and VR headsets, without cleaning them frequently. As a med-tech company that sends VR headsets to physicians and other medical professionals, the decontamination of our VR tech is of critical importance.

According to the Journal of Hospital Infection, COVID-19 “can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass, or plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62–71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute.” The CDC recommends putting a wipeable cover on electronics, following manufacturer’s instruction, or using alcohol-based wipes or at least 70% alcohol-based sprays to clean up electronics.

At Immertec, we adhere to the CDC and other health institutions guidelines, playing our part to flatten the curve. Immertec uses Cleanbox to disinfect and clean VR headsets and other portable equipment before sending them out to physicians and surgical trainees. Cleanbox, an eco-friendly, smart-tech hygiene solution, decontaminates VR, AR, and MR headsets, killing 99.99% of bacteria, virus and fungi within one minute.

“The Cleanbox brand is the gold standard in XR and shared hardware hygiene,” said Amy Hedrick, CEO & Co-Founder of Cleanbox. “All of our products are engineered to meet all UVC maximum efficacy requirements, destroying viruses by breaking down the molecular structure of their DNA and RNA. And it is safe for use on electronics, plastics and other materials.”

As a tech advocate, Immertec is excited to use Cleanbox to ensure safety and hygiene as we facilitate the sharing of medical knowledge in collaborative virtual environments while reducing the risk of health professionals contracting and transmitting infectious diseases.

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